Skin Health

How to maintain healthy skin? – daily skin care routine and regular facials and body care

Facials & body care are designed to improve and rejuvenate your skin health. Professional treatment will help guard against disease and overall health issues by having an accurate skin analysis and using professional strength products allows for deep penetration of cleansers and exfoliates that will rid skin of excess sebum, dead skin cells and environment factors.

Facial and body care help to address skin concerns such as:

  • acne – teen and adult
  • pre-mature aging
  • dryness
  • chemical reactions, redness and sensitivity
  • pigment changes/sun damage
  • uneven skin tone and texture
  • combination skin
  • itchiness
  • sensitivity to smells & products

Our Skin Treatments:

Our facial and body care treatments are designed to target specific skin concerns and to restore optimal health of your skin. Each facial and body treatment is customized for your skin type and skin condition using only the highest quality skin care products to address your needs. After a thorough skin analysis, products will be chosen to address your skin care needs using customized, non-toxic skin care products.

Treatment includes:

  • gentle or deep double cleanse
  • skin analysis
  • gentle exfoliation and perhaps extractions
  • serum and masque
  • finishing products and sun protection

Home care recommendations offered to continue your skin health at home to achieve optimal skin health.

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