Skin Health Consultation

We offer a complimentary skin health consultation for every client prior to any service.   Consultations are conducted in complete confidence to answer any questions or concerns you may have related to your skin and skin care goals. This ensures that your specific skin concerns will be addressed.


What to expect during your skin consultation?

  • health history and review
  • skin analysis
  • lifestyle, internal diet and nutrition discussion
  • skin history
  • product review
  • skin care education
  • skin care regimen plan

At BARB’S Skin Care, you have options to help improve most skin conditions and to maintain overall skin health. To learn more about what type of treatment and skin care is right for you, book a Skin Health Consultation with Barb.

This sometimes can be done over the telephone or Skype prior to your first appointment.

To book a Skin Health Consultation call 604-805-1955