Oncology Esthetics

We are clinically Certified Oncology Estheticians

What is Oncology Esthetics?

The practice of Oncology Esthetics® (OE) certifies licensed estheticians to provide comfort and relief during esthetic therapy treatments (facials, pedicures, skin, body care, makeup, hair & bra prosthetics) for clients undergoing treatment for, or recovering from cancer. Through specialized, intensive, clinical training, experienced estheticians gain a deep understanding of the affects that cancer and anti-cancer treatment has on the body.  As an integrated care modality, we learn how to best and safely provide esthetic, skin and body care comfort, relief & options, while working alongside the Oncology teams prescribing treatment.

Cancer survivors in the community express the need for Oncology Esthetics® (OE)

It is most important that the esthetician be trained to work with cancer patients during treatment and recovery and benefits from spa treatments include relaxation, stress reduction, psychological and peer comfort. Folks like me resist “group therapy” or treatments other than medical. Being exposed to an esthetician forces a cancer patient to do something good for themselves in spite of themselves!!! K.M. (cancer survivor)Quote
I wish this service [Clinical Oncology Esthetics] had been available to me. Laying in bed my skin was so dry it was cracking and with the chemo and radiation treatments to have my feet and hands massaged would have made me feel very feminine. My bald head and ears would have loved it….I wish I had been offered a spa treatment so that I did not have to think about my next bowel movement or vomit attack but just to lay there and be pampered. I think a treatment like this would have been very beneficial to my mental well being…..just the feeling of having my skin pampered would be enough….I would definitely want to have a spa treatment by someone trained in this service. D.E. (cancer survivor)
I think the Clinical Oncology Esthetics training is essential with respect to sanitation issues and port care. It is important that estheticians be trained to work with cancer patients during treatment and recovery as patients don’t want to have to keep explaining their treatment. M. B. (cancer survivor)