Our Story

My mum is the reason I believe in miracles.

In 1992, my mum was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. A very aggressive form of cancer.  With thanks, we had Dr. John Shepherd (my hero) on our side. Mum (my other hero) was put on an experimental research treatment program to help cure her leukemia. The experiment treatment and the power of positive thoughts, it saved her.  In 2013, 22 years after her diagnosis, Dr. Shepherd gave her ‘there’s no more cancer’ talk. We are still celebrating.  Miracles happen!  My mum endured a lot of awful, painful therapy, both emotionally & physically.  Chemotherapy, radiation (for past uterine cancer – 1991), endless intravenous, blood transfusions, medications, bone marrow transplants, months of quarantine and financial nightmares (she received treatment the month of April – the government fined her for not sending her income tax in correctly due to her chemo brain.  Lousy alert: they knew she was hospitalized with cancer).

We watched how the cancer and anti-cancer treatments affected her physically and emotionally – and how it affected our family & friends.  Having no control and not knowing what to do and say destroys a lot .
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A few years later, I became a licensed and certified esthetician helping many people with their skin and nail care needs.
As this disease continued to touch more of my friends and family, and watching the effects of how cancer, treatment and surgery impact the individual, their families and friends, I wanted some control.  I wanted to offer hope and help and to help relieve some of the physical and emotional pain, safely and effectively. With the extensive knowledge as an experienced, licensed and certified esthetician, I wanted to understand more about cancer treatment and recovery.  I recognized that there was a void in their treatment and more could be offered.

In 2013, I completed my certification in oncology esthetics receiving honours and becoming a certified Clinical Oncology Esthetician (COE).  This gives me the education to safely support, comfort and relieve some of the physical and emotional symptoms those affected by cancer are experiencing.  This includes family, friends, caregivers and patients themselves.

She is passionate about being able to help in any way and make a difference in some one’s quality of life.

Be kind to yourself and maintain hope.  Miracles happen.

Maintain a Spirit of Hope.  Hope is desirable and reasonable.  Even if your cancer experience is complicated, you can set small goals and enjoy daily pleasures.  You can redefine how you experience hope by focusing on the activities and connections that give you happiness.  Hope is contagious. Surround yourself with people and things that bring this out”.  (© 2014 Cancer Support Community)